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Logo Design Awards 2012

Author: Mohib

logo design awards 2012 graphic logos best Logo Design Awards 2012 are finally here! Famous Logos is proud to present the awards, which have been judged by a panel of independent eminent experts from across the design industry, to this year’s recipients for their hard work, dedication and commitment to improving the standards and practice of graphic design. The five significant factors that decide the criteria for the awards include creativity, richness of art, uniqueness, visibility and simplicity.


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  1. Wonderful job done with the awards! Sad story about that 15 year old guy… :(

  2. Some genuinely terrific work done and really deserving winners. Congratz!

  3. Sad, we weren’t chosen as the logo design company of the year :( Anyways, congrats to all winners :D

  4. Such a creative and awesome logo design awards in 2012! Thanks for putting it all in one place…

  5. Awesome collection of logos you shared with us, i will say these logo designs deserve for this award. These logos are full of inspiration and creativity.

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